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MAY DAY, MAY DAY !!!  Stormy weather, Wind, Rain,  for the benefit of who?  Enough with the rain.  My roof leaks, the weeds are growing like crazy, and when all this rain hatches millions of mosquitos you won't be able to go outside this summer. Things were getting a bit stormy around the BURNSIDE COMMUNICATOR too, but at least we think we got the message board area tight now...
Thanks to Jim Hookman Johnson for getting some things posted and taking the lead. He always was a loader, um, leader.  Tom Hogan and Eddie Walters have also been great contributors to the site.  Hey wait a minute, didn't Johnson, Hogan and Walters go at each other a couple of times back in the old days, or should I say, when we were younger?  Imagine that, from southside streets to corner geeks. Who would think it?
Keep posting stuff and emailing photos.  Don't forget Guitar Tommy Sims at Dick's bar on Burnham Ave. in Cal City the night of the 21st, See yall there!
Couldn't make it to Dick's on the 21st.  Had to stay in with a sick friend, if you know what I mean.  Hope everyone had a good time.  Keep us posted on stuff.
By the way, next month is some kind of international, world animal rights day, month, or something, where a bunch of international, not just American, sandel wearing, tree hugging, tofu eating white anglo-saxon Protestants get together and bad mouth Americans on their animal rights policies.  No one ever mentions that the Chinese eat cats, the Vietnamese eat dogs, the Spanish kill bulls for sport and the Mexicans love their cock fights.  No, it's always the Americans doing something to the Spotted Owls or Dung Beatles.
Anyway, I'll have some outstanding animal rights stories for next month.